On this page you will see all the many services we have to offer. Click on the name of any service to learn more about them. Don't see your problem on here? That doesn't mean we cant help you. Send us an email or give us a call and let us see if we can't help you with your issue.

Onsite Computer Repair

We perform most repairs onsite, everything from diagnostics and memory upgrades to installingwireless networks and everything in between. We come armed with equipment and the necessary tools for diagnostic testing, along with a basic stock of common parts for testing any malfinctioning components. All you need to do is let us in. We’ll handle it from there.

Repairs & Upgrades

Productivity will be drastically increased once you have the new components installed. A task that previously took 30 minutes on your old system might be done in less than 10 minutes! That is the extent to which a simple upgrade could revitalize your system!

Most older systems nowadays can't handle the requirements for newer software and larger virus databases which require larger amounts of RAM memory. If you have a system 5 years or older, there a good chance that you have less that 1Gb of memory installed. Systems that have between 256Mb-512Mb installed just don't have enough memory in today’s standards and if your PC runs extremely slow when you start to do basic tasks such as opening a few internet windows or a program or two, this can be the reason why. Give us a call to schedule a quick check up on your system. Who knows, maybe just a simple system optimization will do the trick to speed up that old system!

Spyware & Virus Removal

You may have viruses, Trojans, spyware, malware and a whole list of things infecting your PC and you may not even know it. Did you know that most viruses run in the background and only some of them are programmed to popup and show themselves? Some viruses will hide until a later time to be activated. Virus removal is a specialty of mine and I repair many PC's where a client gets a popup saying there is an infection and after I clean it, there ends up being hundreds of infections. Not because of that one virus that popped up causing all the infections, but because of years of computer use and no regular virus removals being performed on the computer. They eventually picked up a virus that was hiding and written to reveal itself at a later time.

Most people think having an antivirus installed will shield viruses from coming in or will remove a virus automatically. That couldn't be further from the truth. An antivirus program only protects against known viruses and only you are updating the program or if it is set to auto-update. I find most people’s programs are expired. Also, there are thousands of viruses and over 20,000 new malware signatures created each day. It takes a few weeks for the antivirus companies to detect these new signatures and write detection for them and update your program, which means you are susceptible to every new virus that is created daily until it is updated into your virus database. Not every antivirus program is created equal either.

It is always a good idea to schedule a virus removal session whether you think you have a virus or not, because chances are, you picked up some here or there and they can spread.

Computer Tune-Ups & Maintenance

We can optimize your pc if it's running a bit slow or it's just time to get done. We optimize startup, optimize memory utilization, clean & repair the registry, clean all temporary files, update antivirus/antispyware definitions if needed, install security patches, test connectivity, apply operating system upgrades and application updates, perform system clean-up, and defrag hard drive.


It is recommended to perform regular maintenance on your PC every few months to keep it running smooth and keep it free from data corruption and/or virus infections. We offer offer monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly and yearly maintenance packages. Feel free to check out our pricing options to see if any of our maintenance packages fits your budget.


Data Backup & Recovery Services

Has your computer crashed and you need an important file or files? Our experts can handle any data recovery problem; large or small. Listed below are some of services we offer to our customers: Hard Drive Recovery, Desktop/Laptop Recovery, Email Recovery, File Recovery, Digital Photo Recovery, etc...

*Some drives are too corrupted or damaged to be recovered and/or the data recovered may not all be readable. In this case, it may be necessary to send your drive to a partner company we work with to recover any data. At that time, we can discuss any further costs.

We also offer data backup to external media such as, USB drives or CD/DVD or from PC to PC.

Web Development

We offer Creative and interactive custom web site design and development, on-going web site support, development and maintenance and graphic design and ad design services.

Click Here for a portfolio and more info on our web design services.

Windows Password Recovery

We know what it's like being locked out of your computer. For whatever reason, your password isn't working. Maybe you haven't used the PC in a while or you confused it with a different password and now you just can't remember. Whatever the reason, we have special reset CD's we can use to reset or remove the password. We do ask one thing, if you haven't already, don't keep trying random passwords. Windows will eventually disable the user account after so many failed attempts and sometimes it can corrupt the account when recovering the password.

Internet Setup & Wireless Networking

Just got new internet service and they mailed out your modem and said you have to do the installation and you don't have a clue what to do? Just give us a call, we can hook up that modem and get your PC surfing the web in no time at all!

Looking to add a wireless router or add a wireless security password onto your network? We can help you with that as well. Just call us to schedule an appointment and we'll hop on over!

VoIP: Ooma, Vonage & Magic Jack Home Phone Service Alternatives

With all the ridiculous and rising costs of home phone service is a wonder why everyone hasn't switched to alternative home phone service such as Magic Jack, Ooma and Vonage to name a few. These voice over IP (VoIP) phone services use your broadband internet connection to make crystal clear phone calls and replace your home phone service entirely. Even better, all of these services can be plugged into any existing phone wall jack and be routed throughout the entire home. After that, just plug a phone into any jack in the house and you have phone service. It doesn't slow down your internet connection and you can keep your existing phone number in most cases. Best of all, Ooma has no monthly contracts or phone bills, just buy the Ooma hub and you will be enjoying free phone calls for life!

Software Installation & Setup

Need help installing that new software you just bought or can't figure out how to use it? Let us do it for you. We know how to install and setup most software and if you are unfamiliar with the software, we may know how to train you to use the software correctly.

Operating system / PC Restore

We install operating systems all the time. Sometimes you just need to have Windows reinstalled because of an upgrade or a problematic virus. Whatever the reason, White Box Computers can reinstall the OS or restore the PC using the restore software, transfer any necessary data over and install any required software.

Security Camera Installation

We now offer CCTV/IP security camera installations. Packages vary, so give us a call for pricing.
Whether for your business or your home, having a security camera system installed is a wise choice. Our systems can be viewed remotely, so anywhere where there is an internet connection available, you can view your security cameras in real time. Feel safe knowing you are always within reach of your home or business, even if you are not there!

We offer a wide variety of options such as outdoor, indoor, hidden cameras, small, large, infrared, night vision, housed cameras, dome, bullet, PTZ, etc... Give us a call to see what we can do for you!


Custom & Refurbished Computers


Looking for a new PC or perhaps a used one? We take in and sometimes buy back older systems and refurbish them to working order. Let us know if have a smaller budget and you are in need for an older system. We may have something in stock for you.

White Box Computers can custom design you a computer tailored to your needs.
Many computers sold in retail stores use off brand or very low quality parts to offer the absolute rock bottom price. The problem with this is that this greatly limits the computers performance and some parts may not be upgradable.

Another way the retail companies get their price low is what is called ‘bloatware’ or trialware’. Companies pay manufactures to pre-install their trial software on all their PC’s so when you take the PC home, you have a desktop full of software icons that have 30-60 day trials with pop-ups that come up after the trial asking you to sign up or startup a subscription to the service after it ends. Retail stores conveniently ask you if you want them to unload all the bloatware for an extra fee (usually around $50). Your PC, also will not come with antivirus, so you will need to purchase that as well. You can see how things are starting to add up and how the retail store’s PC is cheaper for a reason.

Did you know that Companies like Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc. don’t make their parts? They get them from 3rd party companies just like I do; only most of them are cheap parts from china. I have repaired hundreds of these PC’s and they are all the same, they all use low quality parts (most companies or brands I have never heard of) in them to keep the cash in their pockets. I use name brands and always check reviews before I buy to make sure you are getting the best quality vs. value for your money.

You may pay a slightly higher price on a computer system built through us, but you can rest assured that you will be getting top quality parts and you will not be limited to future upgrades. We focus on working within your budget without sacrificing quality.