Hello, my name is Brian Melchiorre.

Brian Melchiorre

Brian Melchiorre

I pride myself with great customer service. I have built my business around that skill and think it is the key to having a successful business. It's one thing to understand somebody's problem, but to understand their frustrations and help them through it is the difference at White Box Computers.

I have always fixed computers for family and friends. Something about computers and electronics just fascinated me. My mother tells stories from before I can even remember about how I used to take things apart as a child and put them back together. I eventually went on to get a degree in Electronic Engineering. After consideration I decided to go into business for myself and in 2005, White Box Computers was officially born.

Most of what I have learned until today has been out of necessity. A lot of trial and error and a lot of frustration! With that being said, I have had several years to perfect and learn out of the box techniques to several different situations which many technicians do not take advantage of.

After seeing how much money the competition charges just to come out to your house and walk in your door, and that’s before they even lift a finger, it gave me the idea to start up a company that keeps some of that money in your pocket. There are no house calls, quotes or hidden fees with me. I thank you all for your support and business and I hope to help you with all your computer needs.


-Brian Melchiorre. (President)




Established in 2005

I started professionally in 2005; but, I have been into and working on computers long before then. It has been an uphill battle through the rough economy, but I have managed to hang in there. Many people do not have the money to repair their computers in these rough times. I am honest and flexible with my pricing and I am able to work within people's budgets. While I may not be the cheapest guy around, I will try to work within your budget and I always offer coupons and new customer incentives. Many companies stand firm on their pricing, but that's okay, I don't mind taking their business. I am very good at what I do and the more happy clients I can get, the stronger my business will become.

Here are just a few things that set us apart from the rest:

  • We spend more time than we probably need to making sure your problem is fixed right the first time.
  • We come to you with onsite, well dressed with a professional service and attitude.
  • After a job complete, I make sure every client has my personal number in case any problems arise.
  • If a customer is not happy, I am not happy and customer satisfaction is the key to keeping my business successful.

Keeping That Cash In Your Pocket

We are always looking at how to help you save you money. Many of our services can be repaired remotely which is a cheaper alternative. In many cases if we are even able to solve your computer problem quickly with guidance over the phone, we will do that without charge.

If you are due free tech support on your issue from a hardware or software vendor or an Internet service provider, we will tell you so and guide you on who to call. If we feel your machine is not worth fixing, we will tell you that too - even if it means us losing a service call. We do not make any money doing any of this, but we know if you are happy, you will remember us in the future. Hopefully, when you really need us, you'll be able to trust that we are serving your best interests. Some of our best customers started out this way, getting free consultations over the phone. Some clients we have had from day 1.

For even more ways to keep that cash in your pocket is to check out our current running promotions.

Customer Service

As I have stated above, I believe customer service is the key to having a successful business. Too many businesses lose this key ingredient when they franchise or become too big. The problem is you can’t keep your customers happy if someone else running your business. I have a personal connection with every customer that comes in and they feel confident knowing the owner is personally servicing their PC.

Fair Rates

Our rates are very competitive in the business! We've done our homework and altered our pricing to beat most, if not all of the competition; that of course doesn't change the quality and professionalism we put into our business and give to our clients. We go beyond on every service we do. Satisfaction is guaranteed from us here at White Box Computers and we won't accept anything less!

Trustworthy, Secure & Honest

Here at White Box Computers we know your data is important to you and sometimes may even be top secret data. Rest assured, you can trust us a White Box Computers technician. We will never look at or copy any data unless it’s required by the job or specifically instructed by the client. We do ask however that you perform a backup of any important data before any major service is performed as a precautionary measure against hardware or software failure. We will NOT be responsible for any lost, deleted or corrupted data on any computer that is serviced by us. We do not do anything that will directly harm data, but services such as Windows reinstalls, failing hardware and viruses can corrupt and delete data which is why we ask to either have your data backed up or have up do it before service.


We'll give you best service at lowest price ever!