**GeekSquad & OfficeMax/Depot typically allow their agents 2-hours on site which is not typically enough time fully and correctly to remove any virus from a PC. This leaves two problems, either you face the possibility of reinfection from remaining traces left over or they will charge you extra for staying past the time allotted. After that window expires, they will give you options to spend more money for them to stay longer, stop the cleaning and leave your PC as-is, or take the PC with to finish the job at the store (for possibly an additional fee). White Box Computers WILL NEVER do this to you, EVER!!! And with a virus, you always want to make sure you are free from infections because your personal data and banking information is being transmitted from it. Make sure it is being done right the first time.

*If your problem doesn't fall in any serviceable category such as virus removal or Windows reinstall, etc. We will work with you on the pricing for the work needed. Most other companies charge a travel or house call fee to come out regardless if any service if performed. White Box Computers does not charge a house call fee. We are a small PC repair shop trying to compete with the big guys and are  doing our best to offer the fairest pricing we can. Some places maybe lower, but we strive to go beyond the basic tasks when we repair  computers. Such as performing complete PC tune-up & optimization as well as diagnostic services included free with virus removals and operating system installs that most other businesses will not offer at no additional charge to make sure you are getting back a computer that is running the best it can run.

***On-site service generally incur a higher fee than remote repair or Pick Up & Drop Off services. This is because we can work on other computers and perform other tasks during the repair process. See pricing sheet for current pricing and sales. All prices subject to change without notice.